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Romeo & Juliet


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    9 10  
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  34           35              
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2.Who killed Tybalt?
6.How is Romeo related to Tybalt?
8.What did Capulets and Montagues promise eachother in the end?
11.How many scenes are there?
12.What is another one of his famous plays?
14.Where does Romeo go when he gets banished?
16.How many tragedies has he written?
17.How many scenes are in Romeo&Juliet?
19.Who makes the plan for Romeo and Juliet?
20.Who was the first character to die?
22.Who found Juliet "dead" in the bathroom?
25.What is williams last name?
26.What did Juliet use to kill herself?
28.What did Juliet take to fake her death?
31.When did he get married?
32.What is Romeo's last name?
34.What did Romeo use to kill himself?
35.How old is Juliet?
36.What is Juliet's last name?
37.How many children did he have?
1.Who killed Paris?
3.What is another thing he wrote?
4.How old was he when he died?
5.What did he do for fun?
7.Who killed Mercutio?
9.Who sold Romeo the poison?
10.How many comedies has he written?
11.Who gave Juliet the potion?
13.How many plays has he written?
15.What month was he born in?
18.Who banishes Romeo?
21.Who told Romeo that Juliet was dead?
23.How many people died?
24.What else did Shakespeare write?
27.Who was Romeo first in love with?
29.Where does this take place?
30.What is the author's first name?
33.How many siblings did he have?
35.How many history plays has he written?

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