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nic brown

biology a local ecosystem

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1.a continuos and circular process often involving carbon, nitrogen or water
5.an organism (generally bacteria) that decompose dead organisms
9.The amount of salt present in an environment
11.An area that an ecosystem is found in that is made up of biotic and abiotic factors
12.anything non living that affects an environment
14.having nutritional habits or requirements
15.The process in which plants convert carbon dioxide and water into oxygen and glucose in the presence of light
16.A relationship in which one organism benefits and the other is unaffected
17.A relationship in which both organisms benefit
19.The increasing concentration of a substance as it moves up a food chain
21.A relationship in which one organism is harmed and the other benefits
22.The process in which oxygen and glucose are converted into carbon dioxide and water
24.An environment on land
28.eroded matter
29.The population of a species within a certain area
30.Anything living that affects an environment
31.An organism that eats another organism to obtain its energy
33.a square area that can be studied in order to determine the approximate abundance of an organism within an ecosystem
34.an organism that eats plants to obtain its energy
2.An organism that eats animals to obtain energy
3.The matter that is created by plants during photosynthesis and moves through an ecosystem by means of a food web
4.A change in an organism passed on through genes that makes an organism better suited to their environment
6.The name for increased plant growth within a waterway that prevents light from entering the aquatic environment and removes the amount of dissolved oxygen within the water
7.The amount of biological mass found within an environment
8.The area that an organism is found in
10.An environment in water
13.The name for the contest of resources and land
18.A line in which areas can be studied at different points to determine how they change over distance
20.A relationship in which one organism is changed by another
21.the abbreviation for potential Hydrogen
23.An organism that obtains its energy by means of photosynthesis
25.a biological community of interrelating organisms
26.An organism that hunts another animal for food
27.The unit that the amount of light is measured in
32.An organism that is consumed by another organism

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