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Digestive and Excretory Systems

Ms. Kelly

Definitions of vocabulary, Chapter 5 Lesson 5.

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1.Lower part of the large intestine
3.Liquid produced in the mouth
7.Organ in the excretory system where urine forms
12.Tube connected to bottom of stomach
13.Opening through which solid waste leaves the body
14.A large organ that produces bile
15.Tube through which urine passes from a kidney to the urinary bladder
16.Sspecial chemical that breaks down solid food in mouth
2.Bag that stores urine
4.Ttube connected to the small intestine
5.Fingerlike bulge that absorbs food after breakdown
6.Long tube that connects mouth and stomach
8.Solid waste material remaining in the large intestine after digestion
9.Liquid waste
10.Breaking down food into smaller parts for cell use
11.Tube through which urine passes out of the body.

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