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Unit 4 - Criticism

Teacher David

Unit 4 Vocab

1 2 3
  4 5        
6           7        
  9                     10
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  23 24                 25      
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28     29               30             31  
    32           33  
  35         36        
38             39     40      
    43       44            

5.very unpleasant, rude
6.to praise someone in order to please them
8.intended to help someone or improve understanding
9.to rate something
12.the intention to do something wrong
13.using strong, forceful methods of persuasion
15.lack of consideration or respect
17.strong dislike or opposition
18.someone or something that has committed a crime or done something wrong
19.an unreasonable preference or dislike based on personal opinion
22.feeling doubt or a lack of trust
24.to show or find the difference between one thing and another
26.small and of little importance
28.resonable and acceptable
30.to move into or through something
32.treat someone badly
34.to make an action or a person seem unimportant
35.to analyze something carefully
38.pleasent, kind, and polite
40.nothing more than
41.an action that expresses your feelings or intentions
42.a feeling of strong dislike or unwillingness to do something
43.to deal with problems or difficulties; expecially with a degree of success
44.to give up
45.uptight, fidgety
1.to force someone to experience something unpleasant
2.with great speed
3.very easily upset
4.to be careful about someone or something because of lack of trust
10.an opinion given about something or someone; especially a negative opinion
11.extreme physical or mental pain and suffering
14.to frighten or threaten someone
16.respect for yourself
20.willing to listen
21.to decide the quality or importance of something
23.based on truth or reason
25.something that you want and plan to do; an aim or goal
27.to study something in a systematic and careful way
29.acting or done suddenly without planning
31.to cause great pain to someone
33.launguage used in a clear, effective way
36.a quality of something that is not easy to notice but may be important
37.to make someone troubled or nervous
39.the desire to annoy, upset, or hurt someone

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