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Lymphatic System

Katrina Stanberry

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3.Masses of lymphatic tissue that produce lymphocytes and filter bacteria; they get smaller when you get older.
5.Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome.
6.Closely parallel veins, located in almost all tissues and organs that have blood vessels.
8.Cancer of the lymph nodes.
9.The single most effective way to prevent infection.
11.The disorder is commonly in young adults and children and is spread through oral contact.
15.Worn when touching blood, body fluids, etc.
16.These tonsils are located on the back of the tongue.
17.2nd most common cause of death in the united states.
18.The body's ability to resist bacterial invasion and disease.
19.You never recap these.
1.An immunity where the body reacts to invaders.
2.Upper anterior thorax, above the heart; also is considered the endocrine gland.
4.This disorder is where the lymph nodes are enlarged because of infection they are trying to fight off.
7.Sever, sometimes fatal allergic reaction.
10.This is a disorder where the skin and blood vessels thicken.
12.An immunity that is inherited and permanent for life.
13.Sac-like mass of lymphatic tissue, located in the upper left abdominal cavity.
14.These tonsils are located on the sides of the throat.

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