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Different animals.

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2.This animal is black and white and lives in Antartica.
4.This animal lives in the desert, can live a long time without drinking water and has 1 or 2 humps.
6.This animal can fly, and comes out at night. It does not have feathers.
8.This animal lives in Australia and hops. It has a pouch.
9.This animal has a long neck and lives in Africa.
11.This animal says "moo", and gives us milk.
13.This animal has 4 legs, and we can ride it.
14.This bear is black and white and lives in China.
15.This animal is small, has a long tail and likes cheese. It is smaller than a rat.
18.This animal lives in Africa and is the king of the jungle.
19.This is a dangerous animal and lives in the forest. Yogi and boo boo are two famous animals of this type.
20.This animal lives in Africa, is black and white and looks like a horse.
21.This animal says "meow" and likes milk.
22.This animal lives in the sea and has 2 claws. It is smaller than a lobster.
26.This animal is small and has it's own shell. It is smaller than a turtle.
27.This animal has a curly tail and says "oink".
28.This animal lives under ground, is wiggly and we often use it to fish.
1.This animal says "woof" and likes bones.
2.This animal lives in Australia. It has a duck's bill and a beaver's tail.
3.This insect has many beautiful colours.
5.This animal lives in austrailia and climbs trees. It is not a bear, but people call it a bear.
7.This animal has a shell and comes in many sizes. It is bigger than a snail.
10.This animal swims in the sea, has fins and comes in many sizes and colours.
12.This animal lives in the sea and is the biggest animal in the world.
16.This animal says "baaa" and gives us wool.
17.This animal is a wild dog. It says "owooooo".
19.This animal can fly and has feathers.
23.This insect makes honey and can sting us.
24.This animal is black and white and very stinky.
25.This animal lives in the sea and has 8 legs. It is not an octopus.

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