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Vocabulary Quiz #3

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3                   4
10 11                    

3.They have heard that no kind of birth control is really ____ .
6.The gesture was not necessarily ____; he was hoping for a donation in return.
7.The reader is invited to ____and admire; not to challenge.
10.Moore is the university's largest ___, and its business school is named for her.
13.Counselors have been ___ in not providing for the counseling needs of elderly.
14.The Olympics are the___, and skaters devote their entire lives to those two weeks.
15.____ may be the last emotion you want to evoke in others.
1.In simple terms, cancer can be described as cell division run ___.
2.What is worsening is the____ in income between the wealthy and the poor.
4.Jane could keep ___ people in line with her quiet manner.
5.It seems that it is time for myself and my family to____ on another extraordinary journey.
8.Fooling yourself into feeling better about life is easy to ___.
9.The ash and lava cooled, and the mountain took on its present ___.
11.Be ___about the similarities and differences in citing and quoting, paraphrasing, and borrowing.
12.Solutions in your world are much more ___ than in mine.

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