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River Processes and Landforms


A revision activity for GCSE Rivers

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2.The area of fastest flow within a meander
6.A small curved body of water which was once part of a meander bend (2 Words)
7.A hard rock
11.Material that is weathered and falls from the valley sides
12.Erosion which takes place in a sideways direction
13.Small elements of the bedload such as silt which float along in the water current
15.The process by which a waterfall erodes the underlying layer of soft rock
17.Rocks bouncing along the river bed as they are too heavy for the river to carry in suspension
20.Chemical action disolves rocks like limestone in the river
22.The shallow-sloping inside bend of a meander (2 Words)
23.A narrow, steep-sided passage formed as a waterfall retreats upstream
24.The wearing away of rocks by water, ice or wind.
1.A landform caused by the river curving across the land
3.The breakdown of rocks 'in situ' (where they lie)
4.An expanse of flat land onto which the river commonly floods during periods of high (2 Words)
5.The bedload collides within the river making stoned smaller and more rounded
6.A ledge of hard rock jutting over the waterfall
8.The force of the water hitting the river bed and banks (2 Words)
9.Ridges of hard rock around which the river winds in its upper course, often described as interlocking
10.The area of deep water beneath a waterfall
14.Rocks rolling along the bed of the river as they are too heavy for the river to lift
16.A soft rock
18.Rocks being thrown into the bed and banks
19.The disolved load is carried downstream by the river
21.A natural or manmade ridge or embankment running along the river bank which makes the river channel deeper

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