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1-15 Words to Go

The Ball

Do your best

1 2   3      
    4 5
6 7         8   9         10   11   12 13             14
15       16       17           18   19        
  20           21 22   23                 24              
26               27           28 29             30    
          31             32                
  33       34 35                   36                    
        37           38
39                   40                 41     42 43          
    45     46     47            
48 49                     50         51           52 53
    55                     56                      
57           58     59            
        60     61            
  62           63                   64               65      
66             67              
68   69       70           71   72                        
73                             74               75
            77               78       79   80           81    
83                     84     85        
    86                         87                          
88   89       90                      
  93   94   95                
96                         97
    98 99             100 101         102         103        
104         105   106                          
            107                   108   109      
110         111   112                          
114     115     116             117                     118         119     120
    121     122                
        123     124   125 126   127   128                  
        129               130          
131                   132                    
133       134               135            
137       138       139     140   141       142    
  146           147          

2.loud and continuing noise
7.thoroughly defeat
13.delicious; extremely sweet
15.ability not to hurt or offend
17.cheating; dishonest dealing
18.to stop stubbornly
20.shake or tremble
22.to speak of with approval
24.useless; worthless
25.excite or disturb
26.feeling of worry
29.ready to do favors
31.two languages
33.not clear or definite
35.clearness in quality
36.natural knowledge
39.devoted to study
40.a trick or lie
43.treat with too much gentleness
44.feeling of sorrow or pity
45.dull; uninteresting work
49.neither good nor bad
50.to go against; disagree
55.lazy; careless
56.certain to happen
57.fill or supply again
61.sick or weak person
62.great courage or bravery
64.to puzzle; to cause confusion
66.an insulting remark
69.to understand fully
73.see, hear, taste, smell; aware
74.make one feel small,inadequate
77.not as much as needed
79.strong and solid
82.place of safety
83.be destroyed; wiped out; to die
86.admit; recognize and answer
88.to breathe out
91.given freely
92.not understandable
94.thin down or weaken
96.to push aside
99.very important; necessary
101.qualities that make a person different
104.series of repeated events
105.passed on from ancestors
107.manage or control
108.to last or put up with, to bear
110.consider carefully
112.shine in unsteady manner
114.act of trying or testing
116.argue over unimportant things
117.belonging to early times
118.to set free
121.suggest without directly saying
123.to remain, continue to stay
128.firm and unchanging
129.one’s past family
131.to crouch and tremble
132.to come between
134.unpleasantly dim and dreary
135.to do better or greater
136.place where one lives
138.room for freedom
140.to think, talk about the past
144.to call or send for
145.to wear away slowly
146.a stored supply; to collect
147.hard to control
148.serious threat
1.avoid completely
3.sudden; unexpected
4.one who is escaping capture
5.referring to an enemy
6.very great happiness
8.warm and friendly
10.to keep within limits
11.thrifty; not wasteful
12.dignified; noble
14.unusually thin; weak
16.feeling of great joy
19.involving or requiring labor
21.person who overeats
23.copy or imitate
27.one lives at another's expense
28.lose hope
30.pleasantly cheerful and kindly
32.with no name
34.manners considered acceptable
37.add beauty to
38.strong, eager effort
41.to hesitate; to lose courage
42.possible, not yet actual
46.bold resistance
47.to walk unsteadily
48.to irritate or annoy
51.suitable, proper
52.difficult situation
53.bewilder or puzzle
54.not valuable or important
58.to give light to
59.foolishly daring
60.sticking to one’s own opinion
65.unable to be reached
67.person with a strong liking
68.to get back; recover
70.that which remains
71.little or no change
75.sad or gloomy
76.lack or confidence, shyness
78.hot, sore swelling
80.easily broken down
84.attitude of deep respect
85.cannot be thought of
89.disturb or worry; annoy
90.strange; odd
93.a phrase used to often for effect
95.show no interest in activity
97.to cause to feel hurt or angry
98.beam, glow, or flash
100.in complete agreement
102.the first step or movement
103.influence by fear; frighten
106.deep regret
109.confused or blurry
110.to make dry or thirsty
111.thing from the past
113.continue despite difficulty
115.sharp or severe; keen; serious
119.complete; entire
120.huge; enormous
122.to stay hidden
124.important or serious
125.enjoy, like very much
126.careful to avoid danger
127.gloomy, sad, or dull
130.highly unusual; extremely rare
133.a lack of sense, foolishness
136.enough; more than enough
137.nothing more; only
139.to hate; shrink with disgust
141.to desire to harm another
142.to run quickly
143.to show scorn

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