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Ground Level Ozone

Christiana Bostick

This crossword puzzle is going to help you better understand truly what Ground Level Ozone is.

1 2 3
4                     5

4.How is Ground Level Ozone formed?
7.How many oxygen atoms does ozone consist of?
9.By conserving _____ and recycling, you could reduce your contribution to Ground Level Ozone.
10.A colorless gas that is a variety of oxygen.
1.Who is more at risk? Children or Adults?
2.One of the main components of smog. (3 Words)
3.Children and toy cars are major sources of pollutants that cause ground-level ozone.
5.Oxidation occurs readily in the presence of what?
6.True or False? Ground Level Ozone can cause eye irritation.
8.Is the following statement true? Ground-level ozone comes from the oxidation of volatile organic compounds found in solvents.

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