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chapter 18

1 2 3 4
8       9                             10 11
    14                                     15              
19                   20          
21 22                                      
24                                   25          
  27         28                
    29               30                    

6.you mean to cause harm
8.pays damages to your on car
14.protects from other drivers who dont have insurance coverage
16.give up immunity
19.the party that sues another in court
22.will pay for your injuries even if you are to blame
23.A law enacted by a legislature.
24.job related compensation
25.A legal order of preventing or redressing a wrong or enforcing a right.
28.desputes between individuals
29.Legally obligated; responsible.
30.neglegent treatment of an illness
31.careless action resulting in harm to persons involved
32.amount you agree to pay toward damages
1.Transfer of property to provide for the future needs of a person.
2.50% of evidence needs to be in plaintiff's favor to win
3.a child
4.a civil wrong
5.contract to pay for protection agianst having to pay for damages to injured people
7.Something for which one is liable; an obligation, responsibility, or debt.
8.The system of laws.
9.protected from some kinds of torts
10.lawyers do not charge an hourly fee
11.The party against which an action is brought.
12.bringing of lawsuits together
13.pays for medical exspenses after a accedent
15.protects against loss of your car or damages to it other than collision
17.an agreement to pay premiums
18.the amount of evidence needed to win case
20.defendant is engaged in an activity so dangerous there is serious risk of harm
21.A determination of a court of law; a judicial decision
26.premuims are payments to a company through a contract
27.Harm or injury to property or a person, resulting in loss of value or the impairment of usefulness.

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