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Poetry Unit Crossword

Uses the vocabulary found in the poetry unit.

1 2          
6                       7
10 11               12    
15             16
  17           18        

2.A group of verses set off from other verses by an empty line.
4.When the same metaphor is used for at least several lines.
6.A word that is used to give the reader an image of what the sound is like. Hiss and Splat are examples of Onomatopeia.
9.A poem that doesn't have strict use of rhyme and form.
10.When several words begin with the same vowel sound.
14.When several words begin with the same consonant sound.
15.The feeling of the work of literature.
17.A fourteen line poem that comes in two types: English/Shakespearean and Italian/Petrarchan
18.When multiple words have the same ending sound.
19.A strong comparison of two things NOT using the words like or as.
1.A list poem.
2.A comparison of two things using like or as.
3.When an inanimate object is given human qualities.
5.A three line Japanese poem that has five syllables on the first line; seven on the second line; and five on the thrid. These poems are often about nature.
7.An exaggeration taken out of proportions to the extreme.
8.A poem that is characterized by intense emotion.
11.When something is used to represent something else.
12.A poem using a lot of drama that is meant to be sung.
13.A type of literature that uses meter and sometimes rhyme. Can be found both spoken and writen.
16.A line of poetry.

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