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Pesach Puzzle!

1 2         3
5         6                
8       9   10 11  
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2.On this holiday we remember leaving Egypt and becoming free people.
5.Because Moshe didn't speak well, this person spoke for him to Pharaoh.
6.The youngest person at the seder reads the four ______
7.The rabbis thought that Moshe would make a good leader of the people because he was good at this job.
8.Right after Pharoah decided to let the Israelites go, his heart would ______
12.Mount ______ is where Moshe experienced the burning bush (and later received the 10 Commandments)
13.The blood was placed here.
15.The Israelites originally came to Egypt from this country.
18.In the midrash, he jumped into the Reed Sea before it split.
21.The ten ______ convinced Pharaoh to let the Israelites go.
23.Jacob had this many sons who settled in Egypt.
24.This is the herb you dip in salt water.
1.This was the first plague, in which water turned into ______
3.This herb reminds us of the bitterness of slavery.
4.This is the simple bread that we eat on Passover, made of just flour and water.
9.We open the door and welcome ______ as part of our Seder
10.The ______ refused to kill the Hebrew babies.
11.According to the midrash, her well of water followed the Israelites in the desert.
14.This is the ninth plague, when no one could see anyone else or leave her home for three days.
16.This is the place where the Israelites were enslaved.
17.During the eighth plague, a swarm of ______ covered the sky, casting a shadow over Egypt. It consumed all the remaining Egyptian crops, leaving no tree or plant standing.
19.This is the last word over the blessing for grape-juice.
20.At the seder we sing a song that says that each of the events that helped the Israelites escape Egypt was "Enough!"
22.The baby Moshe was found in this river.

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