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PSSA Vocabulary

Avalon Perry

Review for your PSSA with this crossword puzzle! Note: words have no spaces. *HINT*:The answers are in alphabetical order. There is no J,K,Q,U,W,X,Y,or Z.

1   2                 3   4
  7 8   9          
      12         13    

1.Distinguish, tell apart and recognize differences between two or more items
5.The time and place in which a story unfolds
6.The pattern or beat of a poem
8.To compare or appraise differences
11.A long narritive poem about the adventures of a hero of great historic or legendary importance
12.A light or humorous verse form of 5 lines, of which lines 1,2, and 5 rhyme and lines 3 and 4 rhyme
14.The use of words whose sounds express or suggest their meaning (ex. hiss, meow)
15.The fluency, rhythm, and liveliness in writing that make it unique to the writer
16.A judgement based on a personal point of view
17.The repitition of stressed and unstressed sylables in a line of poetry
18.A category used to classify literary works, usually by form, technique, or content (ex. poetry)
2.Language that can not be taken litarally since it was written to create a special effect or feeling (2 Words)
3.The attitude of the author toward the audience and characters(ex. serious, humorous)
4.The realationship between sounds between letters and sounds fundamental in beginning reading
7.An exaggeration or overstatement (ex. I was so embarressed I could have died)
9.Text which conveys a story or which relates events or dialogue; contrast with expository text
10.Corectness or precision
13.Meanings which, though unexpressed in the literal text, may be understood by the reader, implied

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