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Academic Word List

Crossword puzzle using common words from the 570 Academic Word List (AWL) and their definitions.

1 2
4   5  
      6         7
12             13                
  15 16               17        
  18         19            

3.begin to believe something based on indirect information.
6.If you do something on someone's ~, you do it for them or as their representative.
8.a company that is owned by a larger company.
10.forming a central part of something, but without being openly stated
11.being part of the nature or character of someone or something:
12.a plan, sometimes a bad or dishonest one.
13.[usually singular] a set of ideas, rules, or beliefs from which something is developed, or on which decisions are based
16.a reason given by somebody for doing something.
19.to meet and talk with people who have similar jobs to yours, especially because they may be useful for your work
20.An event that is ~ it is something that will happen soon. It's coming in a short time.
21.a particular way of doing something.
22.a formal decision, often after a vote.
23.a possible or imagined future, often with detailed plans.
1.something that causes action or change
2.males or females, considered as a group
4.(formal) You use ~ to give more information that weakens earlier information.
5.the act of joining together with other people to do something.
7.when something changes back and forth quickly.
9.an idea that is not very clear or not correct.
12.is important, or large, enough to pay attention to or to believe.
14.very small in degree or amount, especially the smallest degree or amount possible:
15.a system that is intended to achieve something or deal with a problem
17.to take something, especially money, to use for a particular purpose; to steal
18.is very important. It will make a big difference. You cannot succeed without it.

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