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Who Did Patrick's Homework

Eugene Leen

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  5 6  
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  10   11                
15     16   17    

2.to take hold of something or someone suddenly and roughly
3.a hand with the fingers and thumb held tightly in
9.a small person with pointed ears who has magic powers in children's stories
10.a person who knows nothing
12.trousers that do not cover the whole of the leg
13.to make an expression of pain, strong dislike, etc. in which the face twists in an ugly way
14.to move something by pulling it along a surface, usually the ground
15.to say a word or an expression which is not polite
17.deceiving people in a clever way in order to get what you want
18.to shout something or make a loud noise
1.a large rectangular container with a lid
4.one of the periods into which a year is divided at a college or university
5.a job or piece of work which is often boring or unpleasant but needs to be done regularly
6.a cloth for washing and cleaning dirty plates, cups, forks, etc.
7.to make a short very high cry or sound
8.a game
11.to criticize or complain often in an annoying way
12.your eyes are red and watery and you cannot see clearly,
13.a small problem or fault that prevents something from being successful
16.to look at someone or something with a very annoyed expression

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