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BE, A-C review


BE, A-C review

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1.the total amount of pay and all the other advantages that an employee may receive, such as bonuses, health insurance, a company car, etc.
5.agreements, plans or actions are ones in which all the people involved agree with what is being done
9.when one company buys another one, or a part of another one
11.a bond that can be repaid by a company in the form of shares in the company
12.an amount of money paid to someone according to the value of goods, shares, bonds, etc. they have sold
13.an offer by one company to buy another, or the value of this offer
14.to choose someone for a job or position
1.if a business goes..., it cannot contiunue to operate because it does not have enough money to pay its debts
2.to make a judgement about a person or situation after considering all the information
3.when a person or organisation accepts legal liability for something
4.someone who supports a plan, person or company, usually by giving money
6.all the complicated rules and processes of an official system, especially when they are confusing or responsible for causing a delay
7.when borrowing money becomes difficult because banks are forced to reduce the amount they lend
8.a product that can be sold to make a profit, especially one in its basic form before it has been used or changed in an industrial process. Examples of commodities are farm products and metals.
10.responsible for the effects of your actions and willing to explain or be criticised for them

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