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HealthFirst Aid


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3.Jumpers Knee is tendonitis of this bone
4.If running is painful, this muscle could be pulled
7.Type of fracture that breaks throuh the skin
9.Plantar fasciitis feels pain in this body region
10.Connects muscle to bone
13.Syndrome when the nerve in the wrist is pinched
14.Oral anti-inflammatory medications used for pain of "Throwers Shoulder"
15.With a sprained ankle, reduce the swelling with this method
17.Fracture where the bone does NOT break through the skin
19.Injury to a ligament
22.To help relieve the pain of a broken nose, give them this
23.How to treat a person with a fracture
1.Raise this body part when treating someone for SHOCK
2.This is visible if if a person gets a broken nose
5.I in RICE used to treat injuries
6.Visible symptom that the injury could be a sprain
8.Tendons get pinched in the shoulder joint
11.Which very tight muscle can lead to plantar fasciitis
12.Feeling you get when there is pressure on your nerve
16.Range of motion angle from a rotator cuff injury
18.Painful feeling that the injurycould be a strain
19.Injury to a muscle or tendon
20.With an open fracture, STOP the body from losing too much ....
21.Rotator cuff injury will need this first aid treatment to heal

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