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Chapter 9 Political Parties and Politics

Dr. Reimer

This will compliment the Vocabulary of Chapter 9.

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8.a representative to a meeting
9.an association of voters with broad common interests who wan to influence or control decision making in government by electing party’s candidates to public (2 Words)
10.a system of government in which two party's compete for power (2 Words)
12.an election in which only the declared members of a are allowed to vote for that parties candidates (2 Words)
13.representatives from state party organizations who run a political party (2 Words)
15.a meeting of a political party members to conduct party business
16.each individual part of a national party’s platform
17.Petition—a formal request for government action
18.the most votes among all those running for a political office
1.a process by which political parties select and offer candidates for public office
2.a person who runs a county committee, often having a great deal of political power in the county (2 Words)
3.an election in voters choose candidates to represent each party in a general election (2 Words)
4.a series of statements expressing the party’s principles, beliefs, and positions on election issues
5.several adjoining precincts making up a larger election unit
6.usually elected, sometimes appointed, individual who is the head of a political party on a state, local, or national level
7.a strong party organization that can control political appointments and deliver votes (2 Words)
11.second primary election between the two candidates who received the most votes I n the first primary election (2 Words)
14.an election in which voters need not declare their party preference (2 Words)

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