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1.A round fruit with soft red and yellow skin, yellow flesh and a large rough seed inside
3.A melon with a green skin and orange flesh
7.A round fruit with shiny RED or YELLOW skin and firm white flesh
9.A yellow or green fruit that is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom
10.A round citrus fruit with thick reddish-yellow skin and a lot of sweet juice.
14.A soft RED fruit with very small yellow seeds on the surface, that grows on a low plant
16.A long curved fruit with a thick YELLOW skin and soft flesh, that grows on trees in hot countries
17.A round fruit with shiny red or green ski and firm white flesh
1.A tropical fruit with yellow and green skin, sweet orange and red flesh and round black seeds
2.A small soft black fruit that grows on a bush with thorns.
4.A large tropical fruit with thick rough skin, sweet YELLOW flesh with a lot of juice and stiff leaves on top
5.A fruit with a lot of soar juice.Slices of it are used in food and drinks.
6.A dark blue berry that grows on bushes.
8.A type of large melon with hard, dark green skin, red flesh, and black seeds
11.A small dark red soft fruit that grows on bushes
12.A small fruit with thun brown skin covered with small hairs, soft green flesh and black seeds
13.A small green or purple fruit that grows in bunches on a climbing plant
15.A tropical fruit with smooth yellow or red skin, soft orage flesh and a large seed inside

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