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Anjali Alahakoon [destielcr7.tumblr.com ]

1 2   3     4 5 6
    9             10
12                   13  
15 16 17        
22             23
    24   25            

1.He's the one who gripped (x) tight & raised him from predition (y)
7.Name of a slash couple. This indeed a one true pairing
8.These guys "just love, love". And nobody likes their handshake
9.These make (z) very happy
11.He named his safe house Fizzles' Folly
12.Sam was addicted to this stuff
18.It's not just a show. It's more than that
19.(x) often refer this as his baby
20.(X) thinks this guy is the heaven's most adorable angel
22.Sam winchester also known by this name
24.This place is pure
2.Nobody left behind. Except this person
3.One arc angel hide his true identity from being this creature
4.Super powerful. But got got a weak point for BORAX
5.(x) gave this name to a hybrid creature
6.One of the brothers (x)
10.This angel said (y) is in love with (x). Also mentioned a trench coat along with that
13.This virus infects people and turns them into murderous zombie-like creatures. (2014)
14.Apparently he's the king of the hell
15.He's from Michigan
16.feed on human flesh. They start out human. This is not a virus, however; rather, it is passed down through genes
17.Weird stuff are funnier in this language
21.This is a hunter's legend. Can kill anything with this
23.The old drunk's favourite word
25.A demon who fooled us all till the very end. Also she was lucky enough to have sex with the younger brother

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