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The Beginnings of Islam


pages 292-304

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1.the prophet and founder of Islam
3.migration or movement of Muslims to Yathrib in 622
6.a person who accepts the teachings of Muhammad, "a person who submits"
8.a journey Muslims take at least once in their lives to Mecca
10.the Jewish holy book
11.nomads who lived in tents in the desert
14.a group of traders traveling together for safety
15.The book of Islam, holy book of the Muslims
17.believe their ruler should be a direct descendant of Muhammad
19.Muslim leader assassinated in 656 causing the split of the Muslim world
20.city of the prophet (Muhammad)
2.alms or money the Muslims give to the needy
4.Arabic word for God
5.the holy book of Islam
7.Arabian trading center and Muhammads birthplace
8.Muslims must do this five times a day facing the holy city of Mecca
9.Muslim house of worship
12.city renamed Medina after the Hijra
13.an ancient Muslim shrine in Mecca
16.people with no permanent home, who move from place to place in search of food and water
18.believe any truly religious Muslim man from their tribe could be their leader

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