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Studio Principles

SFC Berry

Identify various studio principles

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5.Using the composite black burst signal's color reference information, the ___________for all of the source video signal outputs is "phased".
6.Work in a CG is known as a __________
7.Which signal do you adjust to perform subcarrier phasing?
13.1. An image is displayed on a television or computer display screen by sweeping an electrical beam horizontally across the screen one line at a time.
16.What piece of equipment is used to standardize programs like sporting events or live news gathering
20.You can use a _________as a substitute for a subcarrier DA
24.is used as a source to synchronize equipment/ produce various test signals for verifying equipment operation
27.The__________ are called “fonts”
28.Color bars, convergence, multiburst, window and linearity
29.The input to the video switcher is the ___________.
1.The external _________ signal ensures that the internal generator for each piece of equipment is operating at a designated frequency.
2.The _____________and sync signals are both 4 volts peak to peak with a frequency of 15,734.26Hz
3.The output processing amplifier allows for minor adjustments to the output signal (hue, luminance, sync, subcarrier, setup, and chroma primarily) before the final output to the rest of the system. Which piece of equipment?
4.by how the end product is going to be used is what typically ____________ a studio
5.Linearity signal problems here will show obvious _________of that diagonal line.
8.Bridging switchers are used only for __________or troubleshooting.
9.A _____________allows the final product signal to be recorded with a video tape recorder or other recording media
10.You still want to use the vectorscope to perform the alignment___________
11.The signal moves through the system using loop-through input connections
12.PAL is an acronym for what?
14.Video and color shifts will occur during ___________.
15.The vertical sync pulse signals the start of the ____________.
17.The _________ is a switching or gating signal for controlling a video mixer which switches or mixes between the background video and the inserted element.
18.The strobe mode will freeze the signal at a periodic rate determined by the user, creating a “________effect on the monitor
19.coaxial cables, distribution amplifiers, patch panels, routing switchers, etc. used to send signals from source to destination.
20.Black burst can be used as a reference signal and a _____________.
21.The _________signal, unlike the others, is a more complete signal. (synchronizing)
22.Rerouting signals in an emergency situation is usually done using the
23.ROLL: Characters move across the monitor screen from __________(vertical axis)
25.Progessive scanning 1. Scans all horizontal lines from top to bottom in ___________to complete a frame of video
26.DAs are used to _____________ the signal of signal generators with only one black burst output

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