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Words of Waves


1 2 3
4       5     6
  7       8      
  10     11       12  
13           14                                  
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4.Energy moving thar transfers energy from one place to another(movement of matter or space)
7.Where the wave touches the resting position (not moving)
13.When two waves combine to make. Smaller amplitude (destroy)
15.When two waves interact with the same medium and change each other.
16.The top of the crest of the bottom of the trough (moving)
19.The property of creating standing waves by objects vibrating at their natural frequency.
20.How many waves pass a point in time (sound or pitch) (f)
21.Lowest point in a wave
22.Distance to the center of the crest or trough
23.A wave in which the vibration of the medium is parallel to the direction the wave travels.
24.A wave in which the vibration is at right angles to the direction in which the wave is traveling
1.How far a wave is from the start of one wave to the start of the next wave
2.When two wave combine to make a wave with a larger amplitude
3.A change in the perceived wave frequency due to a moving source. "Vroom"
5.The point where the wav is not moving
6.Waves enters a new medium at angle (mirror)
9.The ability to work
10.A wave in which the partials of a medium move
11.Change in the direction of a wave after it passes by an obstruction "Bend"
12.Waves that require a medium
14.The highest point in a wave
17.An apparatus consisting of an object mounted so that it swings freely under the influence of gravity (mimics the motion of a wave)
18.The material through which a wave travels

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