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AQA Philosophy of Religion GCSE Unit One - The Existence of God

Joseph Silver

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1.A person who believes there is no God
4.Something which is reasonable or acceptable
5.A commitment to something that goes beyond proof and knowledge, used especially about God
7.Eternal (2 words) (2 Words)
9.To do with the nature of the universe
12.A person who does not know if there is a God or not
13.A person who believes that God is directly involved in creation
14.There is so much order and purpose in the universe that it could not have happened by chance or accident (2 words) (2 Words)
2.To do with design, order and purpose
3.The idea that there has to be an uncaused cause that made everything happen (3 words) (3 Words)
6.A comparison made between two things to explain one of them
8.Infinity (3 words) (3 Words)
10.Evidence that guarantees the truth of something beyond any doubt
11.Information which can be collected and used to prove something

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