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Unit 2 Digestive Tract

Ashely LeBlanc

1 2 3 4
5   6 7                    
13                           14
16             17           18             19
  21               22  

7.The center of the tooth (2 Words)
9.The breakdown of food into very small molecules
10.Digestive enzyme in saliva (2 Words)
12.What breaks down peptide bonds
13.A small sac on the inferior surface of the liver that stores and concentrates bile
15.3 fatty acids bound to glycerol
16.Clusters of lymph nodules (2 Words)
18.When gastric contents are forcefully expelled through the esophahus
20.Ingested food mixed with stomach secretions
21.Thin fold of tissue connected to the tongue and floor of mouth
23.Yellowing of the skin and sclera of the eyes
24.The name for a mass of food
1.The system that feeds the body and gives it nutrients
2.The longest part of the small intestine
3.Scientific name for chewing
4.A severe form of diarrhea
5.Single sugar
6.The innermost layer of the digestive tract
8.The process of removing feces
11.Serous membranes in the abdominal cavity
14.Tiny fingerlike projections of the mucosa
16.Short amino acid chains
17.A 9cm long tube which is attatched to the cecum
19.Cells that produce protective mucus
22.What lubricates, lines, and protects the stomach

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