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2.Created in August of 1935, this act reorganized the electric and gas industries and is one of the strongest congressional legislative responses to corporate abuse in American history. (4 Words)
4.Created in June of 1933, this act sold bonds to lenders in exchange for home mortgages, which through its work has granted long term mortgages to over a million people facing the loss of their homes. (4 Words)
5.Created in June of 1938, this act introduced a maximum 44-hour 7-day work week, established minimum wage, guaranteed "time-and-a-half" overtime in certain jobs, and prohibited most employment of minors in "oppressive child labor." (4 Words)
7.Created in May of 1933, this act developed fertilizers, taught farmers ways to improve crop yield and helped replant forests, control forest fires, improve habitat for fish and wildlife, and generate electricity by building dams in the Tennessee Valley. (3 Words)
8.Created in June of 1934, this act returned over 3 million acres of land to various native American tribes in the first 20 years after passage. (5 Words)
20.Created in June of 1933 by the NIRA, this act allowed industries to get together and write "codes of fair competition" intended to reduce destructive competition and help workers by setting minimum wage and maximum weekly hours. (3 Words)
22.Created in May of 1933, this act was ruled unconstitutional in United States v. Butler for levying this tax on the processors only to have it paid back to the farmers. (3 Words)
23.Created in June of 1933, this act authorized the President of the United States to regulate industry and permit cartels and monopolies in an attempt to stimulate economic recovery and established a public works program. (4 Words)
24.Created in September of 1937, this act was designed to assist poor tenant farmers during the Dust Bowl and Great Depression. (3 Words)
25.Created in June of 1933, the government spent over $4 billion on this act, and this act created over 34,000 projects. (3 Words)
26.Created in June of 1933, this act insures money in the bank up to a certain amount which was $5,000 when this act was created. (4 Words)
1.Created in June of 1934, this act holds primary responsibility for enforcing the federal securities laws and regulating the securities industry, the nation's stock and options exchanges, and other electronic securities markets in the United States. (6 Words)
3.Created in August of 1935, this act provides benefits to retirees and the unemployed, and a lump-sum benefit at death, along with issuing federal money to states to provide assistance to aged individuals, enemployment insurance, aid to families with dependant children, maternal and child welfare, public health aid services, and the blind. (3 Words)
6.Created in May of 1933, this act divided $250 million among the states to give aid to the elderly, the ill, and the unemployed. (4 Words)
9.Created in May of 1935, this act was established by executive order 7037, and it provided federal loans for the installation of electrical distribution systems to serve rural areas of the United States. (3 Words)
10.Created in June of 1934, this act has insured over 34 million home mortgages since 1934. (3 Words)
11.Created in June of 1935, this act served 320,000 high school and college youth, who were paid from $6 to $40 a month for work study projects at schools, and 155,000 boys and girls from relief families were paid $10 to $25 a month for part time work that included job training by 1938. (3 Words)
12.Created in June of 1933, this act created the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and limited commercial bank securities activities and affiliations between commercial banks and securities firms. (3 Words)
13.Created in November of 1933, this act combined federal money with local money to go to local communities for projects. (3 Words)
14.Created in April of 1935, this act employed people to carry out public works projects, including the construction of public buildings and roads, emplyed musicians, artists, writers, actors, and directors in large arts, drama, media, and literacy projects, and provided almost 8 million jovs from 1935 to 1943. (3 Words)
15.Created in September of 1937, this act lended money to the states or communities for low-cost construction and started units for about 650,000 low-income and homeless people. (4 Words)
16.Created in March of 1933, this act employed over 3 million men from 17-28 years old to do projects such as building roads and planting trees. (3 Words)
17.Created in March of 1933, this act gave the treasury department the power to inspect every bank in the United States. (4 Words)
18.Created in August of 1935, this act make the FDIC a permanent agency of the federal government, and it further provided that the stock of the FDIC was to be purchased by the Secretary of the Treasury on behalf of the United States and that the deposit insurance system was to be maintained through assessments directly on the insured institutions. (4 Words)
19.Created in June of 1938, this act gives the Food and Drug Administration authority to oversee the safety of food, drugs, and cosmetics. (5 Words)
21.Created in July of 1935, this act protects the rights of employees in the private sector to discuss organizing and workplace issues with coworkers, engage in collective bargaining, and take part in strikes and other forms of protected concerted activity in support of their demands. (3 Words)

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