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International Business Chapter 4 Emerging Markets

Jennefer Tillotson

1 2
5 6                                     7  

4.newly industrialized countries plus those with the potential to become newly industrialized (2 Words)
6.measure of the extent to which a government equitably provides its people with a long and healthy life, and education, and a decent standard of living (3 Words)
8.value of goods and services that can be purchased with one unit of a country's currency (2 Words)
9.use of the latest technologies in some sectors of the economy coupled with the use of outdated technologies in other sectors (2 Words)
10.economic system in which land, factories, and other economic resources are rather equally split between private and government ownership (2 Words)
11.quantity of a good or service that producers are willing to provide at a specific selling price
12.policy of selling government-owned economic resources to private operators
13.structure and processes that a country uses to allocate its resources and conduct its commercial activities (2 Words)
14.nation that has a poor infrastructure and extremely low personal incomes. (2 Words)
15.process by which a nation changes its fundamental economic organization and creates new free-market (2 Words)
16.economic system in which a nation's land, factories, and other economic resources are owned by then government, which plans nearly all economic activity (3 Words)
1.quantity of a good or service that buyers are willing to purchase at a specific selling price
2.country that has recently increased the portion of its national production and exports derived from industrial operations (3 Words)
3.country that is highly industrialized and highly efficient, and whose people enjoy a high quality of life (2 Words)
5.economic system in which the majority of a nation's land, factories, and other economic resources are privately owned, either by individuals or business (2 Words)
7.measure for guaging the economic well-being of one nation's people as compared with that of another nation's people (2 Words)
8.relative ability of two countries' currencies to buy the same "basket" of goods in those two countries (3 Words)

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