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Western Novels

By: Carrie Newby and Courtney Stoddard

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4.How did Ed Lowe Die?
5.How many kids does Per Hansa have?
8.San Antonio is the capital of what state?
11.Bret Harte wrote what book that takes place on November 23,1850? (Five Words) (5 Words)
13.John Oakhurst was a gambler, that they thought had _______.
14.In which story is there a sand and dust storm? (Two Words) (2 Words)
16.How many days did the Outcasts last?
18.Something tells Nora to move back east, what was it?
19.They were to be hung, but were ______ instead.
21.The rain they received __________ the air of dust and sand.
22.Nancy and her brother went off into a silent _______.
24.Who is the lady who takes a five day journey to get married?
25.What was the cow's name?
26.Age of Aggies daughter
27.In the story "The Bride Comes To Yellow Sky," the author never says the woman's _____.
1.What disease strikes in Plains Woman? (Two Words) (2 Words)
2.Who cuts someone's finger off?
3.What does Per Hansa build his house out of?
4.Potter got married in what city? (Two Words) (2 Words)
5.Here they have ______ tops, and ___brim hats.
6.Per Hansa and his family get ______.
7.Some said his bride was far from _______.
9.Potters Enemy? (Two Words) (2 Words)
10.Author who wrote the book, "Early Marriage." (Two Words) (2 Words)
12.The Outcasts were in trouble after they had gotten ________-___
15.The man who saved Ches Lane (2 Words)
17.Nora helps ______ a baby.
18.Giants in the Earth's main charcter. (Two Words) (2 Words)
20.What Indian tribe was Cochise from?
23.Age of Aggies son Jimmy

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