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Foreign Words and Phrases

Miss Farrell

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1.interjection - hello
5.interjection - good day, good morning, or hello
6.adverb / adjective - outdoors
11.noun - blank check
15.adverb / adjective - whispered, under your breath
19.interjection - Thank you
21.adverb - so much it becomes sickening
25.phrase - a person who is not welcome
27.interjection - have a pleasant trip
29.noun - school one graduated from or anthem of a school
32.adverb - in exactly the same words
33.noun - a complete failure
34.noun - slip or mistake in manners, embarrassing blunder
35.noun - a sense of unity or togetherness in a group
36.noun - mode of operating; how you work
37.noun - of the day; fashionable or current
38.noun - a temperamental (spoiled) person
2.adjective / adverb - cooked but not soft, still firm
3.noun - a woman who leads men into a difficult / dangerous situations
4.noun - the existing condition
7.phrase - my house is your house
8.noun - markings painted or sketched
9.phrase - until we meet, so long
10.phrase - Merry Christmas
12.interjection - good morning, good day
13.phrase - sweet life
14.noun - one thing in return for another
16.adverb - and so forth and so on, others
17.adverb - with honor (used in diplomas to honor above average)
18.phrase - That's life or such is life
20.adjective - up to date (current)
22.phrase - one of many (found on money)
23.noun - done for free
24.adjective - authentic, true, real
26.phrase - seize the day; enjoy the present
28.noun - all together as a group
30.noun - the thought / feeling you've encountered something before
31.verb - to reply to an invitation or noun - a reply to an invitation

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