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Maniac Magee

Daija Smart

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1.dead and rotting animal
3.a framework that holds up a bridge or other structure
7.to confuse, amaze, or astonish
10.to come or send forth; issue or emit
11.1. a story that has been handed down from an earlier time. Many people know these stories, but they cannot be proven true. 2. a person about whom such stories are told.
2.the collection of special skills or abilites of a person or group of people
4.a small bag, often with a shoulder strap, used to carry books and other small articles
5.1. to move toward ro meet at a common point. 2.tend toward unity or commonality, as of purpose or interest
6.a child whose parents have died
8.not known, percieved, or realized (usually followed by to).
9.to look at someone or something fixedly and idiotically; gape

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