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Civil War Crossword #2

Mr. Castillo

Spell out numbers. Do not use spaces or grammar marks

1 2      
  3       4      

2.Comp 1850-Slavery open in this territory to the west
3.Inventor of the Compromise of 1850
4.1846 this president wanted money from Congress to go to war with Mexico
5.His Proviso stated that Polk can have his war money only if any territory acquired from Mexico was closed to slavery
7.From Belgium, this urged Pierce to Seize Cuba by Force for a slave state
8.Comp 1850-slavery banned in __DC
9.Comp of 1850-this state entered as a free state
10.Comp1850-Slavery open in this territory to the west
1.Comp 1850-Congress passess this to capture runaway slaves
2.A slave's Cabin
4.A condition added to an agreement
6.She wrote a novel about slavery that inspired the North

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