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Ms. Peppe and Mrs. Berger's Civil Rights Crossword

6   7                          
  13                     14

4.This was deemed unconstitutional but stated that all people must be treated equally in public
5.NAACP lawyer who most famously participated in the Brown v. Board of Education trial
7.9 black men were put on trial and sentenced to death in one day. The Supreme Court ruled that this was unfair and they deserved a retrial
9.Laws in the South meant to keep African Americans feeling like second-class citizens
10.In this case, the Supreme Court stated that the black family could live in their home because the courts couldn't enforce covenants
11.In this case the Supreme Court ruled that banning interracial marriage was unconstitutional
12.This major event in American history was seen as the kick-off of the civil rights movement because it empowered many African Americans
13.A man who was 7/8 white and sat in a white train car but was arrested because he was 1/8 black
15.This Supreme Court case knocked down the Plessy v. Ferguson ruling
1.In this case, the Supreme Court ruled that no business could deny service based on race
2.A job that many blacks had to take in the South after the Civil War was over; had to pay their landlord in crops
3.A college student group that believed the pace of the Civil Rights Movement was too slow
6.In this case, the Supreme Court ruled that African Americans were not awarded the same Constitutional rights and that Scott was not free
8.The first group to do a sit-in
14.One of MLK Jr's inspirations; taught him the lesson of nonviolent protest

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