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Ms. Peppe's Economic and Domestic Policy Crossword

1 2 3
  4               5       6  
  7                       8
  9           10                                    
  11         12 13  
15                   16      

4.Process in which government controls the supply of money in circulation via the Fed
7.This starts October 1st and lasts until September 30th
9.This categorized spending in order to streamline the budget process
15.This president tried slashing most of LBJ's policies
17.This group drafts a budget that reflects the president's wishes
18.An example of mandatory spending
19.Many people approve of these because everyone pays into it, and eventually receives it
21.The Fed can manipulate this by raising or lowering the interest that banks must pay them for borrowing money
1.The Fed can manipulate this by buying or selling bonds
2.The Fed can manipulate this by raising or lowering the amount of money banks are required to keep on hand
3.LBJ's domestic programs that greatly increased the power of the federal government
5.Food stamps would be an example of this; very contentious because people do not need to pay into this
6.This group analyzes the OMB's budget draft and balances its expenditures with Congress
8.This was meant to reduce welfare's role and force people back into work
10.This is not required to be a part of the budget and is frequently what is targeted to be cut
11.Government action of taxes
12.This created the Congressional Budget Office
13.Organization that controls the supply of money in circulation
14.Inclusion of this into the budget is required by law
16.This school of thought defends that if you cut taxes, it encourages people to spend more money/invest
20.This school of thought is "you spend more in order to get more" -- during times of economic struggle

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