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Use this puzzle to review weather.

1 2   3        
    4 5
6   7                

2.Spring, summer, fall, and winter are all ________.
6.A tool used to measure how how or cold it is outside
8.The weather vane arrow is pointing north. The wind is blowing toward the _________.
10.This kind of storm forms over ocean waters
12.A rain ____________ measures the amount of rain that has fallen.
13.The average weather in an area over a long period of time
15.This is a dangerous, short-lived storm of spinning dirt and debris that forms over land
1.The weather vane arrow is pointing north. The wind is blowing from the __________.
3.The layer or "blanket" of air around the Earth
4.Conditions that change from day to day
5.Rain, snow, and hail are examples of _________.
7.This is what the calm center of a hurricane is called
9.These are wispy clouds that are very high in the atmosphere
10.This is the amount of moisture in the air at any given time
11.They type of cloud is large and puffy
14.Which substance heats faster when placed in the sun - soil or water?

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