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Abnormal Psychology

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1.A mood disorder that swings between periods of mania and depression
4.A form of depression that occurs typically during the winter months.
6.Disorders marked by disturbances of perceptual symptoms, cognitive symptoms, and emotional symptoms. These symptoms can either be positive or negative
7.Exaggerated, persistent, and disruptive fears of a particular object, event, or setting
9.A person responds to severe stress by starting a whole new life and experiencing total amnesia about the past.
12.Brief, abrupt, and unprovoked recurrent episodes of intense uncontrollable anxiety
13.A brief mental disturbance in response to a traumatic event, lasts less than four weeks
16.Sudden memory loss of declarative knowledge and usually affects the recollection of events that took place during and immediately after a stressful event.
17.Persistent feelings of sadness, discouragement, and hopelessness. Lasting a minimum of six weeks.
20.A mood in which a person feels highly energetic and extremely joyful
21.Extreme reaction to a highly stressful event or situation
22.The likelihood a person may develop a particular disorder based on the amount of stress they are exposed too
23.Disorders involve an alteration in the normal interactive functions of consciousness, identity, or motor behavior
24.Arises as a result of extreme early trauma, and characterizes two identities or more within the same individual
25.Occurs after a person experiences a psychological reenactment of past traumatic event
2.Unwanted persistent thoughts and irresistible impulse to perform a ritual to relieve those thoughts
3.Psychological disorders involving exaggerated and maladaptive personality characteristics that persist over a long period of time and cause problems in a person's adjustment to everyday situations
5.The cause or origin of a disorder.
8.Persistent, constant and often debilitating levels of anxiety.
10.Intense fear of open spaces or being in public places
11.Irresistible impulse to perform a relative meaningless act, repeatedly and in a stereotypical fashion
14.Encompass the individual's feelings of anxiety
15.Psychological disorders, that swing between high and low moods
18.False beliefs that contradict known facts
19.Extreme fear of being criticized by others

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