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Jammin' with the Jonas Brothers

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1.Nick was seven when he took his first step toward the bright lights of ___________. Pg. 21
3.It's About Time reached number 91 on the ___________ 200 chart, so there were fans listening. Pg. 63
6.Joe was born in.......
7.Who's the eldest brother of the Jonas Brothers?
8.One dollar for each ticket sold was donated to the City of Hope, a foundation that ______________ to research for the prevention and cure of diseases that affect children around the world, like cancer. Pg. 79
11.Nick was born in.......
12.What is their little brother's name?
14.Kevin was born in......
15._______ Bottle Pop. Pg. 77
16.is the music arm of Disney, and it is the label of some of the hottest teen artists in the music business, like Aly & AJ, Hilary Duff, and the Cheetah Girls. Pg. 66
19.(The Ramones) Their songs were short, very fast paced, and filled with__________ energy. Pg. 118
21.Who's the third brother of the Jonas Brothers?
22.(Daft Punk) They mix __________, house, and electro styles to produce their own signature sound. Pg. 118
2.(Johnny Cash) His songs were edgy and echoed themes of sorrow, morality, and ________________. Pg. 121
4.(Switchfoot) The___________ __________, was released in 2003 and sold over 2.6 million copies. Pg. 116
5.(Stevie Wonder) He, who has been blind since birth, signed with _________ ___________ when he was only twelve in 1962. Pg. 117
9.(The Police) They are a ___________ New Wave band that released five albums that burnt up the charts between 1978 and 1983. Pg. 120
10.The Jonas Brothers have joined forces with _________ for other projects. Pg. 81
13.Nick loved____________ so much that he was only 6 years old. Pg. 16
17.(John Mayer) He has won multiple Grammy Awards, 2 for his 2006 album ______________ and the Song of the Year Award for his single "Daughters." Pg. 119
18.At the end of the episode, ___________ and the Jonas Brothers perform the song "We Got the Party," which became an instant hit on the Disney Channel.
20.Who's the second brother of the Jonas Brothers?

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