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Jammin' with the Jonas Brothers Pt. 2

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3.He rallied the support of his brothers, friends from church and school, and many of the other child actors on broadway to help raise__________ and volunteer their time to make a difference in their communities. Pg. 32
5.They were patiently awaiting the release of their first album, ______________ Records sent them on tour to start a fan base the old-fashioned way, through performing. Pg. 46
8.(Nick) ___________ is an illness that affects how the body processes sugar. Pg. 111
10.Each of the boys brought something different to the _______________, and the results were astonishing. Pg. 37
12.Meet the _____________ was a hit with families and kids and grossed over $152 million at box office. Pg. 86
13.An evil dentist who wants to gain control over _____________. Pg. 90
15.Who was Nick's ex-girlfriend?
18.Their mother's name.
19.Since the Jonas Brothers are always together, it's sometimes easy to forget that they are ________________ with different likes and dislikes, but most fans have one brother that is their favorite! Pg. 104
20.The family took many trips into Manhattan to visit the American ___________ of Natural History, see Broardway shows, and play in Central Park. Pg. 13
21.It was a much bigger role than his part in __________ Get Your Gun. Pg. 24
22.Being featured on MTV is a huge step for any musician, since MTV only plays the hippest, hottest, most ____________ music and has the largest music fan base of any television channel in the country. Pg. 61
1.(Joe) It's a well-known fact that Joe wanted to be a ____________ when he grew up, and he hasn't completely given up on that dream Pg. 106
2.Their father's name.
4.He comes over and starts ___________ Joe and Nick. Pg. 60
6.The ________________ of God became a home away from home for the Jonas family. Pg. 16
7.The Second gift that impressed the boys was a ________________________. Pg. 103
9.(Kevin) His _________ Les Paul guitar is one of his most prized possessions. Pg. 104
11.In addition to writing and singing all of the songs on the album, they played all the ________________. Pg. 68
14.The hectic ______________ and busy days that come along with stardom are just fine with them. Pg. 96
16.Arthur Ashe Kids' Day is a day of tennis, music, and fun that benefits the U.S. Tennis Association's ___________ Junior Tennis League. Pg. 75
17.In addition to their work as a __________, each brother has separate dreams. Pg. 114

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