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6.(4) Is it lawful for you to scourge a man that is a _______________. (Acts 22:25)
8.(12) Man who desires to hear Paul's story. (Acts 25:22)
10.(15) Where Agrippa sends Paul after hearing his conversion. (Acts 27 chapter heading)"
14.(10) What Paul defends because of Ananias' accusation. (Acts 24 chapter heading)
16.(19) Paul heals father of Publius of a fever and _____________ ________. (Acts 28:8)
18.(2) What the Jews did to Paul at the temple _____________ him. (Acts 21:32)
19.(7) How many jews conspired to kill Paul? (Acts 23:12-13)
20.(1) Jews in Jerusalem upset at Paul for not encouraging new gentile converts to live old traditions of ______ ___ _______ (Acts 21:21)
1.(13) What Paul testifies of before Agrippa (Acts 26 chapter heading)
2.(11) Who Paul, standingbefore Fetus, appeals unto. (Acts 25 chapter heading)
3.(18) What bit Paul's hand and he felt no harm. (Acts 28:3-6)
4.(17) What happens to the ship Paul is on. (Acts 27 chapter heading)
5.(3) Paul recounts the story of his____________. (Acts 22 chapter heading)
7.(8) The chief captain turns Paul over to this man. (Acts 23:22-24)
9.(14) What Agrippa was "almost" persuaded to become after listening to Paul. (Acts 26:28)
11.(5) Man who commanded Paul to be smitten on the mouth. (Acts 23:2)
12.(9) Ananias and high priest accuse Paul of this. (Acts 24:5)
13.(16) Who came to comfort Paul on the trip to Rome. (Acts 27:23)
15.(20) Paul preaches in Rome, first to the Jews and then to the ______________. (Acts28 chapter heading)
17.(6) Who visits Paul at the castle after being smitten by Ananias? (Acts 23:11)

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