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Form II Term II 2012-2013

1 2
  4     5 6
8 9             10                    
11             12                
  15 16      
17                           18

7.The raised wall or Levee on the banks of a river to prevent flooding
8.The outside "liming" area in a Trinidadian house
10.A Dot on a map used to show the specific height of that location
11.Amerindian homes were built out of these materials which break down over time
13.Highland jutting out into the sea
14.When sea temperatures get too warm, coral turns white
17.The MOST common greenhouse gas
19.Rapid downhill movement of soil & rock under gravity
20.Oil & Coal are _______ fuels
21.Widening & Deepening of a river
1.The opposite of South South West
2.Moveable house in Barbados built on loose rock foundation
3.Mixture of grass & wet clay used to build houses
4.The major cause of flooding & landslides is tree removal
5.Government spraying of insectidices to kill mosquito population
6.A line on a map joining all places of the same height
9.An outbreak of disease
12.The mosquito that transmits Dengue Fever
15.The Earth is kept warm by these gases
16.Slope that is steep at the top and gentle at the base
18.Fancy decorative woodwork on colonial homes

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