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World History: Societies of the Past (Rome 152-155) (Modified) Name: __________ ( /24)

H. Adams

1 2 3      
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8   9              
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  18 19                           20

2.the oldest living father in a Roman household was called the "____familias" (p.153, 3rd par., last sent.)
4.Wearing a toga ____ was the sign of adulthood and citizenship. (p.154, 2nd col., 2nd par., lines 4-5)
5.word meaning "shoemaker" (p.153, 1st. col., last par., lines 3-4)
9.sauce made from fish entrails (p.154, 2nd par., line 7)
11.Romans owned more of these than any other people in history. (p.155, 2nd last par., lines 5-7)
12.six legions consisted of this many thousand men (word has hyphen) (p.153, fig.8.9, lines 3-4)
13.women wore these overtop their tunics (p.154, 2nd col., 1st par. line 3)
14.name given to powerful or wealthy non-Romans (foreigners) (p.152, 2nd col., line 1)
18.on a toga, the colour of the high priest's band (p.154, last par., lines 4)
21.famous runaway slave who led a slave revolt (p.153, fig.8.9, line 2)
22.Eventually apartments weren't allowed to me more than ___ stories high. (p.155, 2nd par., last 2 lines)
23.Romans didn't eat with this common modern utensil. (p.154, 3rd par., line1)
1.this social class included tradespeople, small farmers, and labourers (p.152, 2nd par., 1st line)
3.word meaning "central courtyard" (p.155, last par., lines 4-5)
6.unlike today, this was considered a polite thing to do at the dinner table (p. 154, 1st col., last par., lines 4-5)
7.taken every five years for taxation purposes or to assess military strength (hint: head count) (p.152, 2nd col., 2nd par., 1st sent.)
8.most hazardous season for travelling on the Mediterranean Sea (p.154, textbox)
10.social class that dominated the government and economic life of Rome (p.152, 4th par., line 3 &see also p.148, 3rd par.)
14.word meaning "teacher"/Greek scholar" (p.155, "A Young Roman's Day", 4th par., 1st sent.)
15.the main road leading into Rome (p.153, fig.8.9, 2nd last line)
16.hot water mixed with wine, for special occasions (p.154, 1st par., lines 12-13)
17.After the slave revolt, 6,000 slaves were _____ as a warning to other slaves. (p.153, fig.8.9, lines 6-7)
19.The colour of this person's toga was purple. (p.154, last line)
20.Large, multi-storey apartment blocks were known as ____. (p.155, 1st par., line 3)

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