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Tourism and National Parks AQA spec A


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3.A disagreement about the use of resources
6.In 1951 National Parks were designated by an _________ _________ _______ (3 words)
7.A small area that attracts exceptionally large numbers of visitors which are sometimes likened to 'bees'
9.This is the most popular pursuit in the lake District
11.The majority of the National Parks land is owned by ____________.
12.Many of the UK's National Parks are located in these hilly areas
14.A group of people who share common concerns sometimes forming pressure groups (2 words)
15.To provide a place for recreation and enjoyment is one of the founding _______ of the National Park
16.The famous scenery in the Lake District has been formed by this geographical process
17.the landscape of National Parks is __________ to preserve a certain scenic look to the countryside. This can be done through continued sheep grazing.
1.Areas of outstanding natural beauty where human activity is controlled (2 words)
2.This National Park is the lowest lying Park in the UK (2 words)
4.The body which manages our parks (3 words)
5.Britain's largest National Park (2 words)
8.The newest National Park awaiting designation (2 words)
10.This type of development ensures that people can utilise a resource without it being spoilt for future generations
13.This industry provides much needed jobs in National Parks

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