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HIM Week


1 2 3   4  
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2.Coding system used for equipment and supplies
6.Certification granted after completion of a two-year program and a credentialing exam
8.Local organization for HIM professionals
9.National organization for HIM professionals
10.Act of granting approval to an organization based on voluntary standards
12.Diagnosis that is established after study to be chiefly responsible for occasioning the admission...
13.Codes used for reporting diagnostic and therapuetic procedures
15.Diagnosis that is a provisional description of why the Pt requires inpatient care
17.Patient eloped
18.The unethical practice of using multiple codes for a procedure rather than a single comprehensive code
1.Federal legislation enacted in 1996 to protect privacy
3.Federal division that is responsible for developing healthcare policy in the US
4.Concept that establishes the healthcare provider's responsibility for protecting health information
5.Request for clarification of missing or incomplete documentation
6.Collection of information related to specific diseases for analysis and comparison
7.Our medical records correspondance company
10.Process of extracting information from document or database
11.Review of the health record for complete and proper documentation
14.Voluntary organization that evaluates and accredits hospitals
16.Software program that assigns prospective payment groups on the basis of clinical codes

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