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1               2
3         4           5  
8         9                          
    10       11                            
13                     14                                      
15         16  
19   20       21                 22                                
        23                         24  
          26   27  
        31                                     32  
  33     34                
36                 37                            

1.1945-1961 more than 65 million children were born in the US
3.published on the road
6.set his program apart from the new deal
9.the practice of limiting work output in order to create more jobs
11.Outlawed shops in which new workers were required to join the union
12.sociologist that argued conformity was changing people
13.workers who preformed physical labor
14.published the Affluent Society
17.antisocial or criminal behavior of young people
19.young assistant professor with a modest income
22.republican congress
23.Outlawed the closed shop
25.african american singer who recorded hit songs in the 50's
28.The servicemen's readjustment act
29.balancing economic conservation with some activism
31.inspired by the crystals
34.highlighted a values gap in the 1950's
35.figure set by the gov. to reflect the min. income required to support a fmaily
36.developed an injectable vaccine that prevented polio
37.assailed the similarity many business organizations cultivated in order to keep any individual from dominating
38.tried to eliminate poverty by tearing down slums and erecting new high-rise buildings for poor residents
2.large corporations that located themselves closer to raw materials and benefited from cheap labor pools
4.first rock' n' roll hero, "king of rock'n'roll"
5.variety show, Toast of the Town
6.a person who owns or runs one or several stores of a chain operation
7.movies shown on large panoramic screens
8.one of the earliest suburbs
10.cultural seperation between children and their parents
15.5 million mexicans worked at farms and ranches in the southwest
16.largest public works program in american history
18.Practice of forcing business owners to hire only union members
20.published a long poem called "howl"
21.South Carolina gov. for president
24.fed. gov. withdrew all official recognition of the North American groups
26.afican american female group who recorded hit songs in the 50's
27.the other america
30.sales and management jobs
32.radio disc jockey
33.white artists making music from african american rhythms and sounds

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