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Marvel Movie Characters

In all of Marvel Movies they played

1 2 3     4  
      5 6
    9 10              
      12 13
  14 15 16                          
      18               19        
        21   22                
25                       26              
27   28     29            

2.Shawn Ashmore plays Bobby/ ______________ from x-men.
7.Ian McKellen plays Erik/ __________________ from x-men.
8.Aaron Stanford plays _________ from x-men.
10.Robert Downey Jr. plays Tony Stark/ _________________ from iron man and the avengers..
11.Daniel Cudmore plays ________________ from x-men.
15.Ioan Gruffudd plays Reed Richards/ ____________________ from fantastic four.
18.Alan Cummings plays Kurt Wagner/________________ from x-men.
20.Julian McMahon plays Victor Von Doom/ _________________ from fantastic four.
21.Gwyneth Paltrow plays _____________________ from iron man.
23.Kelly Hu plays _________________ from x-men.
25.Hugh Jackman plays Logan Howlett/ ________________ from x-men.
26.Samuel L. Jackson plays _____________ from iron man 2, captain america and the avengers.
27.Vinnie Jones plays Cain Marko/ _________________ from x-men.
30.Halle Berry plays Ororo/ __________________ from x-men.
31.Michael Chiklis plays Ben Grimm/ ________________ from fantastic four.
32.Kesley Grammer plays Hank McCoy/ ______________ from x-men.
1.Ryan Reynolds plays Wade Wilson/ _________________ from x-men origins: wolverine.
3.James Marsden plays Scott Summers/ ______________ from x-men.
4.Ben Foster plays Warren Worthington III/ ____________ from x-men.
5.Famkee Janseen plays ________________ from x-men.
6.Ray Park plays ________ from x-men.
9.Chris Evans plays Johnny Storm/ _________________ from fantastic four.
12.Tyler Mane plays Victor Creed/ __________________ from x-men.
13.Laurence Fishburne plays the voice of __________________ from fantastic four: rise of the silver surfer.
14.Ellen Page plays Kitty Pride/ ____________________ from x-men.
16.Jessica Alba plays Susan Storm-Richards/ ____________________ from fantastic four.
17.Scarlett Johannson plays _____________ from iron man and the avengers.
19.Terrence Howard and Don Cheadle plays Rhodey/ _________________ from iron man 1 and 2.
22.Patrick Stewart plays Charles Xavier/ _________________ from x-men.
24.Rebecca Romijn plays __________________ from x-men.
28.Taylor Kitsch plays ____________ from x-men.
29.Anna Paquin plays __________ from x-men.

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