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Marvel Movie Characters 2

In all of Marvel Movies Played.

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1.Hugo Weaving plays Johann Schmidt/ _____________ from captain america.
10.Eva Mendes plays ___________________ from ghost rider.
11.Jeremy Renner plays Clint Barton/ _____________ from the avengers.
12.Wesley Snipes plays Eric Brooks/ ___________ from blade.
13.Wes Bentley plays ______________ from ghost rider.
14.Chris Hemsworth plays _______ from the thor and the avengers.
15.Stanley Tucci plays the scientist ________________ from captain america.
17.Kirsten Dunst plays ___________________ from spider-man.
20.James Franco plays ______________ from spider-man.
21.Peter Fonda plays ___________________ from ghost rider.
22.Jennifer Connelly and Liv Tyler both plays ______________ from the hulk and the incredible hulk.
24.Thomas Jane and Ray Stevenson both plays Frank Castle/ ____________________ from the punisher and the punisher warzone.
27.Natalie Portman plays ________________ from the thor.
28.Rosemary Harris plays Peter Parker's Aunt _______________ from spider-man.
31.Hayley Atwell plays Steve Rogers' love interest __________________ from captain america.
32.Colin Farrell plays ___________ from daredevil.
2.Alfred Molina plays Otto Octavius/ ___________________ from spider-man.
3.J.K. Simmons plays Photographer Boss ______________________ from spider-man.
4.Tommy Lee Jones plays ___________________________ from captain america.
5.Anthony Hopkins plays _______ from the thor.
6.Jennifer Garner plays Daredevil's love interest _________________ from daredevil and elektra.
7.Chris Evans plays Steve Rogers/ ____________________ from captain america and the avengers.
8.Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield both plays Peter Parker/ __________________ from spider-man.
9.John Travolta plays __________________ from the punisher.
16.Willem Dafoe plays Harry's Father Norman Osborn/ __________________ from spider-man.
18.Nicolas Gage plays Johnny Blaze/ _______________ from ghost rider.
19.Bryce Dallas Howard and Emma Stone both plays ______________ from spider-man 3 and the amazing spider-man.
20.Dominic Coopers plays ______________ from captain america.
22.Cliff Robertson plays Peter Parker's Uncle _______________ from spider-man.
23.Thomas Haden Church plays Flint Marko/ ______________ from spider-man.
25.Eric Bana and Edward Norton both plays Bruce Banner/ ____________ from the hulk and the incredible hulk.
26.Ben Affleck plays Matt Murdock/ ________________ from daredevil.
29.Sebastian Stan plays Steve's best friend ___________ from captain america.
30.Topher Grace plays Eddie Brock Jr./ ____________ from spider-man.

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