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Senses of the body


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1.the study of the relationships between sensory information into meaningful experiences
4.perceptions that misrepresent physical stimuli
5.occurs when anything hinders physical motion through the outer or middle ear.
7.brief auditory or visual messages that are presented below the absolute threshold
8.the organization of sensory information into meaningful experiences
11.internal chemical units controlling regular cycles in part of the body.
13.the principle that for any change in a stimulus to be dectected, a constant proprtion of that stimulus must be added or subtrected
15.the tendency to perceive objects in the same way regardless of changing angle, distance, or lighting
16.the apparent movement of stationary objects relative to once another that occurs when the observer changes postion
17.the difference between images stimulating each eye
18.the smallest change in a physical stimulus that can be dectected half the time
19.the sense of movement and body postition
20.three semicircle canals that provide the sense of balance.
2.the study of people's tendencies to make correct judgements in dectecting the presence of stimuli
3.what occurs when a stimulus activates a receptor
6.the weakest amount of a stimulus that a person can dectect half the time
9.occurs when someone can only see some colors and not all of the color spectrum.
10.the process of combining the two images received from the two eyes into a single, fused image
12.the experience that comes from organizing bits and peices of information into meaningful wholes
14.an ability to gain information by some means other than the ordinary senses (abbriviation)

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