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The Human Body Systems

Mrs. Bronaugh

Using what you know about the human body systems and how they relate to plants and animals, fill in the crossword puzzle carefully. This is a study guide for you, so take it seriously!

1 2           3    
  5   6
  7                     8
10   11      
12 13                        

2.this system moves food throughout the body and absorbs the nutrients.
4.this system gives us support, protects internal organs, & stores minerals like calcium
7.this system makes new organisms.
9.several organs that work together to complete a certain job.
13.this sytem brings in oxygen that the body needs & releases carbon dioxide.
14.this system sends messages throughout your body; includes the brain and nerves.
1.this system produces movement in our body.
3.this system protects your body's organs; includes your skin.
5.this sytem filters the blood, rids the body of waste, & keeps your body's water and salt in balance.
6.this system includes your heart, vessels, & blood; it pumps blood throughout your body in a cicular pattern.
8.a hard outer layer, like bones on the outside of an animal's body
10.another name for the urinary system.
11.all living things.
12.a body part that does a certain job in the body.

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