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Chapter 6 vocabulary

Justin Netherland

1 2
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  8   9       10 11
  12               13      

3.group of people working together in some type of concentrated effort to achieve objectives
5.freedom of employees to plan and organize their own work, work at their own pace, and move around and communicate as desired (2 Words)
12.ability to influence, command, or apply force
14.aggregate of the personal contacts and interactions and the associated groupings of people working within the formal organization (2 Words)
15.organization structure that defines the boundaries of the organization and within which the organization operates (2 Words)
16.form of decentralization in which subordinates have authority to make decisions
17.practice of working at home, while traveling and being able to interact with the office, or working at a satellite office
18.power derived from the rights that come with a position
1.principle that managers should concentrate on matters that deviate significantly from normal (2 Words)
2.principle that an employee should have one, and only one, immediate manager (4 Words)
4.tow or more part-time employees perform a job that would normally be held by one full time employee (2 Words)
6.grouping of activites necessary to acheive common objectives
7.flexible working hours
8.number of subordinates a manager can effectively manage (3 Words)
9.number of different types of operations performed (2 Words)
10.accountability for the achievement of objectives, use of resources, and adherence to organizational policy
11.principle tghat authority and responsibility must coincide (2 Words)
13.principle that authority in the organization flows through the chain of managers one link at a time, ranging from the highest to lowest ranks (2 Words)

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