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Annuities, Methods of Saving, & Investments

Algebraic Connections

Vocabulary terms from lesson 8.1. Include the spaces between the words in a term.

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1.a portfolio with a mixture of low-risk and high-risk investments
7.shares are sold for more than they were paid for
9.similar to checking accounts but require a minimum balance; they do no pay interest
11.have low interest rates and no check writing privileges
14.pay a fixed interest rate and require you to keep the principal in the account for a specified amount of time with penalties for early withdrawal
18.the sum of all deposits plus all interest paid
21.a person who invests your money combined with the money of other investors in the mutual fund
24.require a minimum balance, pay interest, and offer check writing privileges
25.a sequence of equal payments made at equal time periods
26.allows immediate access to your money, checks and ATM access, but do not pay interest
2.includes 401(k) and 403(b) plans, and are set up by and contributed to by your employer
3.people who buy a bond are doing this to the company from which they buy the bond
4.group of stocks and/or bonds managed by a professional investor
5.the percent increase or decrease of an investment
6.a listing of all the investments that a person holds
8.a savings plan that allows you to set aside money for retirement, usually up to $5000 per year; you do not pay taxes until you withdraw your earnings no earlier than when you are 59 ½ years old
10.sold by companies in order to raise money and not dilute the ownership of current stockholders
11.shares of ownership in a company
12.buying or selling stocks
13.where stocks are traded on
15.the distribution of all or part of a company’s profits to its shareholders
16.payments are made at the beginning of each compounding period
17.payments are made at the end of each compounding period
19.when money is deposited into a bank account
20.any investor who owns some percentage of the company
22.the price an investor pays for a bond at the time it is purchased
23.a type of IRA with slightly different tax benefits than a traditional IRA; you pay taxes on the money you deposit but you can withdraw your earnings tax-free no earlier than when you are 59 ½ years old

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